61 What’s for Dessert?

Good Morning,


As we were saying yesterday… most of us are still looking for that sweet dessert. But what can we do about those cravings? Here are some thoughts and ideas for you…


You could make your own desserts… oatmeal cookies, carob confections, carob cookies, etc. (Those are my recipes, of course). Another thing I like to have is fruit or a few raisins or dates. These are things that are sweet but are not empty calories… they give you some nutrients. Sometimes I just eat more oatmeal or rice… maybe with some fruit.


Sugar is available everywhere and difficult to turn down when it is offered all the time. To rid your home of the worst sugary things is the best idea (which I believe all of us have done). You will continue to crave those foods that you know you should not eat as long as you continue to eat them daily. Your taste buds are conditioned to want foods based on your dietary habits and patterns. In other words, if you consciously make better choices, over a period of time, you will begin to want the better foods, and you may even find that foods you once thought you couldn’t live without may make you feel ill. I have found that to be very true. The thought of eating fudge or pie or a sundae is disgusting to me.


Between being “taught” to want sweets (they are given to children as rewards) and the addictive qualities of sugar we end up craving sweets. However, knowing what is happening to us goes a long way to help us make better food choices in any situation. That means we really can control our choices; we’re not at the mercy of the “talking” pie and cake we hear so much about. Now that you are aware of what is happening when you consume a lot of sugar remember this principle of a good diet: “Never eat talking food.”J


Choose Well

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