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Our love for sweetness is so intense that we Americans consume about 100 pounds of sugar a year. Around 1820 Americans consumed about 10 pounds of sugar a year. (These numbers are from US Department of Commerce Reports and the USDA.) These numbers only include refined sugars not those found in fruits and vegetables. That’s a LOT of refined sugar.


But we know that carbohydrates (sugar) are the fuel our cells run on and so we have a built in desire for that fuel. Maybe we can go to zero calorie artificial sweeteners. That’s an idea… what about artificial sweeteners (especially in diet drinks)? Well, they have been accused of causing some pretty nasty conditions and, unfortunately, they don’t satisfy us and can actually increase our appetite. Oh my… we don’t want that! When we are not satisfied we end up looking for more food. Our body is looking for carbohydrates and so we consume more calories than if we drank water or even lemonade sweetened with sugar. That’s amazing!


Our uncontrollable cravings are caused when our diet lacks healthy sugars. People eat lots of “low-carb”, “no-carb”, “let’s get rid of the carb” foods like beef, pork, chicken, shellfish, fish, and cheese without satisfaction… then they get their “fix” with a calorie laden dessert. Oops… that’s not a good idea.


We can’t trick our body out of what it needs… and we shouldn’t try to. Do you see a dilemma here… if our body wants and needs carbs (and we crave them), but too much refined sugar is a problem, what can we do? We’ll answer that next time but I’ll bet you already know what it means to…


Choose Well

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