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In Ezekiel 4:9 we read about the recipe that was given to Ezekiel to sustain him for 390 days while he demonstrated the siege that was to come on the city of Jerusalem because of the people’s unfaithfulness. He was to make bread full of grain and beans. Apparently, these ingredients would sustain his life for over a year. This is something we should know about.


It turns out that the beans in this recipe are full of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and B vitamins. They are also very low in fat. Beans are easy to store without spoiling and there is a huge variety of them with a huge variety of tastes. Some people have told me that they don’t like the texture of beans; however, you can cook them to whatever consistency you like.


But what do beans do for us? Well, they reduce cholesterol; they can be used to reduce body fat; they can be used to lower blood sugar; and, oh yes, the fiber in them can give us gas and unfortunately… that’s not socially acceptable. Okay… so for some people they are difficult to digest because of a couple of complex sugars in them. The great news is that after you have been eating a high fiber diet for a few days or weeks this will no longer happen. You can also add a six-inch strip of kombu (a sea vegetable found in health food stores or Asian markets) to the cooking water or use Beano which can help us digest these gas-giving foods.


All right, I’ve already gotten personal; I might as well tell you that insoluble fiber in these beans passes through the bowel taking fat with it into the stool. Yes! That’s great. Take the fat away! And because fat floats you can know that you have eaten enough fiber when you get a “floating stool”. Wow! I’ll bet you NEVER imagined you would have a goal like this one!


Okay… I’ve said enough today.


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