68 Successful Weight Loss – The Problem

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“I’ve got to lose weight”. “My clothes are too tight”. “I look fat”. “If I could just lose 20 pounds…”


Have you ever said these things about your weight? Many, many people are trying, unsuccessfully, to lose weight. But, they don’t know the secret to weight loss… which is NOT in pills, fasting, starving, wiring your jaw shut, surgery or excessive exercise.


What have we tried in the past?


  • ·Counting Calories:

For many years, counting calories was the way to go. Everyone walked around with a calorie counter book and ate until they reached their limit for the day (sometimes right after breakfast)… but… you could eat anything at all… just eat fewer calories than you burn.


  • ·Eliminate fat:

Okay, so… the calorie thing didn’t work. We then decided to eliminate fat. Fat has the most calories per gram so if we get rid of fat… weight will drop. And it is true that fat makes you fat.


Unfortunately, that didn’t work either. We now have more fat people and the fat people are fatter then ever. There are several things we can point to (introduction of high fructose corn syrup, the industrial revolution, fast food restaurants, cheap processed foods, etc.) but we need a solution and the good news is that there is one.


So, what is the solution? Actually, you already know the solution. You have learned about it during the sessions we did recently. You might want to review the Study Guides but we’ll review the information in our next emails.


In the meantime, let’s…


Choose Well

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