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One question that is often asked is “What can you eat in a fast food restaurant?” The short answer is “not much”. My question is “Why do you have to go to a fast food restaurant?” I know that, by definition, people are asking about all those chains that offer a “meal” faster than you can count the coins you get back as change (which is all you get back from your twenty).


I have not gone into these places myself but you can find the menus on the internet. So a quick search gave me these ideas:

  • Wendy’s – plain baked sweet potato; apple slices
  • Captain Ds – plain baked potato; salad (vegetables only), lemon juice dressing; they offer roasted red potatoes, corn-on-the-cob and broccoli but it is probably loaded with oil or butter or margarine
  • McDonald’s – salad (vegetables only), lemon juice dressing; fresh fruit (skip the yogurt)
  • Burger King – salad (vegetables only); oatmeal and fruit
  • Arby’s, Hardee’s, Jack in the Box – salad (vegetables only), lemon juice dressing


Okay, this is pretty lame. Wendy’s gets the prize for having a baked sweet potato (request it “plain”). You have to do the same with Captain Ds baked potato. Everything else is fried, oiled and as greasy as can be. The salads and potatoes have to have taken on the grease that’s in the air. These restaurants have to be the modern day versions of “the greasy spoon” from years ago. If it isn’t greasy (and sometimes when it is), it’s full of sugar, salt and caffeine. There you have the 4 “fast” food groups: sugar, salt, caffeine and grease.


Next time we’ll look at some possibilities for meals when you are away from home. Until then do your best to…


Choose Well

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