73 Eating Out

Good Morning,


So… you are away from home and need a meal. Where can you get a good one without sitting down and being served?


Consider this. What you really need is a lunch in the middle of the day and you are not able to pack a lunch in the morning… although that’s a good idea. But, right now, you need a lunch. Why do you need a fast food place? That’s not any faster than going into a grocery store and making a salad from the salad bar (think about Kroger, Harris Teeter or Whole Foods). You can choose from many vegetables (skip the potato salad and macaroni salad) and make your dressing from tomatoes, beets, fruits (or anything wet) and a little vinegar or lemon juice; put some chickpeas or other beans on your salad too. You could even buy a jar of good salsa and Wasa or Kashi crackers. There are some fruits you could get – bananas, oranges… I only get the fruits that I can eat without washing. You can get a bottle of water. Besides being a lot healthier, all this would cost you less than the “fast” food.


Do you remember the 4 “fast food” groups: sugar, salt, caffeine and grease? Think about the 4 “real food” groups: vegetables, fruits, beans/legumes and grains. Knowing the “real” food groups makes it easy to choose a meal away from home.


Here is relatively “fast food” possibility… Panera offers a classic salad that’s pretty good (always get the dressing on the side); get a whole grain baguette for the “side”. You can get the black bean soup or vegetable pesto soup (no cookies though).


Or, perhaps you are on a road trip and you need to stop for a meal. What can you do? You can plan ahead and take plenty of food for the trip or you can stop at grocery stores; they’re everywhere. That’s what we do if we have to keep moving down the road.


So… as you move down the road, I hope this helps you to…


Choose Well

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