16 Just a Little Oil

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Steamed vegetables are a great way to add nutrition without the calories. One half cup of vegetables is about 25 calories and that’s good. Many people want to know if a little olive oil is “okay”. After all, olive oil is supposed to be good for you.


Well… first of all you are getting a lot of calories. One teaspoon of oilis 40 calories (which is not very much – just measure a teaspoon of oil and you will agree). That is a lot more calories than the half cup of vegetables so now we have 65 calories on our plate and it is about 10% saturated fat. (That’s the stuff we want to avoid). So really we have a plate of oil with some vegetables added. Oh yeah… that sounds yummy.


Here’s another idea: try Balsamic vinegar (or other vinegar) and some herbs (maybe Mrs. Dash) on your vegetables. You are adding very few calories, lots of flavor and no saturated fat. There you have it… those are the facts about calories and saturated fat… and the choice is yours. J


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