60 I Still Want Dessert

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Even though you and I eat lots of potatoes, corn, rice, beans and legumes it seems that sometimes we just simply want something sweet. We crave sugary foods. It doesn’t really add up because we actually have plenty of carbohydrates in our systems. But, there is actually a very good reason for this.


I heard Dr. Neal Barnard explain this phenomenon by describing how to “magnetize a baby”. Here is what you do: mix 1 teaspoon of sugar with 1 cup of water and dip the pacifier of a 9 – 12 week old baby in the mixture. Place your face about 15 inches from the baby’s face and put the pacifier in the baby’s mouth for 3 ½ minutes, maintaining eye contact with the baby the whole time. When the time is up the baby is magnetized. You can leave the room and come back later with 15 other people and the baby will seek you out, smiling at you and cooing and laughing – all for YOU. The baby thinks YOU are really something.


It turns out that a little sugar on the tongue triggers a nerve impulse to the brain very rapidly so that opiate chemicals are released. Dopamine is the ultimate pleasure chemical. Anything that makes us feel good releases dopamine in our brain. In hospitals they have noticed that they can give a baby a little sugar water and the baby won’t cry as much when they stick the baby’s heel to get some blood. So… when you magnetize a baby, the baby thinks YOU are the source of pleasure. I think grandparents know this instinctively.


Sugar is part of food but it is a little bit like a drug. Isn’t it reasonable to think that because we need glucose for our cells to function we were designed by our Creator to enjoy sweetness? That may be true and would also tell us why sugar becomes addictive when it is taken out of the food and concentrated (that was man’s idea). So… what do we do about this? We’ll find some solutions tomorrow… in the meantime don’t drink any sugar water.


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