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Many, many people drink some amount of coffee. And coffee is very controversial… some say it’s okay to drink, others say it’s not and still others say you must limit it or eliminate it if you have certain conditions (like a heart disorder). So what is it about coffee that’s so bad?


Everyone knows that coffee contains caffeine and that caffeine has no food value. Coffee is not health promoting, it is health destroying. There is too much to say about caffeine to list it all… it pulls minerals out of bone tissue; it increases blood pressure; it contributes to insomnia, symptoms of menopause, depression and anxiety disorders; it makes it harder to control your appetite and food cravings; it tends to dehydrate the body; it exhausts the adrenal glands and more.


Okay, so caffeine is not good… but we can drink decaf coffee; this is obviously a better choice. However, the problem with decaffeinated coffee is that it is NOT caffeine free. Oh, wow! Can you imagine that? An 8 ounce serving of coffee (this is not a mug, but only one measuring cup) contains about 40 – 150 mg. of caffeine. The same amount of decaf can be anywhere from 4.6 mg. to 6.9 mg… federal regulations allow a coffee to be called “decaffeinated” if it contains less than 2.5% caffeine.

Other issues include the chemicals used to decaffeinate the coffee and the brewing method used. The better brewing method is drip as opposed to boiled or percolated… apparently the filter actually catches some of the undesirable substances. (This applies to regular coffee or decaf). Thank goodness for those filters.

With this little bit of information about coffee, hopefully, you can make better choices. Here’s an idea… get a really great cup of coffee as an occasional “treat”.

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