79 Fat Vegetarians

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The Choose Well diet is not a vegetarian diet; it is not a vegan diet. Following those “diets” will not guarantee health. Well… that’s pretty strong! Many people will eliminate meats, chicken and fish but are willing to eat the eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt that come from animals; these people are called lacto-ovo vegetarians. People who refuse all animal products are called vegans. Neither of these terms describes our diet. Why?


Many people who decide to become vegetarians simply substitute “fake” foods for the things they have been eating all along… baked chips instead of fried chips, soy cheese, soy burgers, non dairy ice cream, food bars (like Clif bars) and various other supposedly healthy choices that are really glorified “junk” foods. Nutritionally these fake foods are not much better than the animal foods they replace. Using these foods for anything but a short transition to a healthy diet is defeating the purpose. They will not help you with weight loss and better health and they will most likely increase your food bill.


Also, there are a lot of “foods” that qualify for “vegetarian” status but are void of nutrients, such as soft drinks, coffee, candy, vegetable oils, white bread, sugar and… well, you get the idea. These things will not benefit your health.


Our diet is whole food, plant based, no free oil. We focus on starches and vegetables for the main portion of our meals. Whether or not you and I choose to completely rid our diets of animal foods is our personal choice. Our goal is to have a strong, healthy body and brain. We can only do that by eating the foods designed by God for us, not those that are isolated soy protein or vegetable oils or foods chosen because they look like our favorite foods (these are all man made). Choose foods based on their ingredients – whole plant foods without free oils. For ideas, check our website article called “Menu Ideas” (www.askthefoodcoach.com). I know that you will…


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