80 How Much Fat?

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We are doing our best to eliminate fat in our diet. That includes fried foods, vegetable oils and fatty foods like fish, meat and chicken. Did you ever wonder how much fat is actually in some foods? Take a look at this comparison of foods that are equal in grams of fat and see if you can figure out which foods would be the better choice. Ask yourself…


  • How long the food would supply energy to me?
  • How many phytonutrients would I be eating?
  • How many enzymes would be in the food?
  • How much fiber would I be getting?


2 fast food fries= 1/2 gram fat=2 whole baked potatoes


1 chocolate donut= 21 grams fat= 20 oranges


1 corn chip= 1 gram fat= 40 baby carrots


1 Hershey bar 14 grams fat= 23 apples



1 pack M&Ms= 1 grams fat=25 pears


¼ cup Kellogg’s 8 grams fat=80 grapefruit

Cracklin Oat Bran


1 teaspoon of butter= 3.8 grams fat=4 ½ cups of lentils


3.5 oz. mackerel= 14 grams fat= 6 cups oatmeal


5 oz. fried chicken= 26 grams fat= 14 cups of rice


1 oz. onion rings= 7.5 grams fat= 5 pounds onions


Remember that fat is stored effortlessly by your body and if you don’t give your body the carbohydrates that it wants it will tell you that you are still hungry and you will be looking for something more to eat (probably something with lots of fat).


What I understand when I look at this comparison is that there are choices that I can make that will give me a lot more to eat, make me feel full while keeping me from gaining weight. I remember the days when I tried to starve myself to lose weight… oh my, that was unpleasant… and didn’t work. Do you have that same memory? Well, maybe you have always been the correct weight but many of us have struggled with that… but that’s in the past. Now we can make good choices and have energy, lose weight (if necessary), feel wonderful… and… experience NO hunger.


I hope this little chart helps you to…


Choose Well

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