82 How to Control Weight

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Gaining or losing weight (that is, controlling weight) is really much simpler than you might imagine as long as you understand calorie density. If you freely eat the foods that are less than 400 calories per pound (see yesterday’s chart) you will lose weight but that would be really tough to do… you would never be satisfied. However, if you add a few starches from the 500-600 calorie range you would be very satisfied but you would not gain or lose weight. Oh, phooey, here we are again in the category of not losing weight. However, eating in this calorie range will be very satisfying and it is possible to do this until it becomes one of those good habits. And… with the addition of regular exercise we will see weight loss plus other good results.

Does that sound too easy and too good to be true? I know that when I was many pounds overweight I thought that was just the way I was and nothing could be done about it… I thought I would always be fat. It would have been nice to know about calorie density back then.

Just imagine this scenario… you are on a deserted island and all that is available to you are broccoli, spinach, rice and sweet potatoes (all you can eat) and the only activities available to you are swimming, hiking, rowing and watching TV (if you power it with your stationery bike). Do you think your weight would change? Well… here’s the good news… not only would your weight change but many other things would change too, like your cholesterol level, blood pressure and more… wow… this could get pretty exciting! J

If you need some ideas for meals or how to modify old recipes check the website (www.askthefoodcoach.com) or ask me via email. It’s fun to enjoy good tasting foods help cause us to remain healthy and achieve the perfect weight. Yes!


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