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While I was looking at the 2% milk at the grocery store, I noticed that there were several choices of “fat free” milk. That made me curious so I took a look at the label. I did notice that there were some grams of fat listed but what really caught my eye was the “25% more calcium” and “25% more protein” listed on the box. We don’t need extra calcium and we certainly don’t need extra protein. The milk that is produced for any given animal is the perfect food for that “baby” animal. Consider this chart showing the amount of protein in various milks.

Type of Milk

% Calories as Protein

Number of Days for Birth Weight to Double














So… an 80 pound calf (birth weight) will double its weight in 47 days, will weigh 300 pounds at the end of a year and ultimately weigh 1,200 pounds or so as an adult cow. All this protein is not helping people who are trying to lose weight. (See Third Session Study Guides). We can also notice that the quicker an animal doubles in weight the higher the protein content of the milk. Aren’t you glad we don’t drink rat’s milk? Yes… I am too, but in the milk that advertised 25% more protein we are approaching the amount in rat’s milk.


I also saw milk that said “Fat Free with omega-3”. How can something be fat free if they purposely add a fat to it? I know what you are thinking and I don’t know the answer either. But the nutrition label said there were 110 calories per serving and 10 of them came from fat. So now we have “fat free” milk that is almost 10% fat but I guess that’s “okay” as long as its an important essential fatty acid, maybe we don’t have to count those calories since we need omega-3. What? Does that make sense? Hmmm… I don’t think so. There must be some reason for this labeling but I’ll be honest with you… the logic escapes me.


Now that you are informed be sure to read labels carefully and…


Choose Well

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