85 Don’t Be Hungry

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When you plan your meals ahead of time, be sure to make them exciting meals that you will look forward to eating. It’s one thing to develop a plan that limits calories and is only made up of carrot sticks and celery but if your plan is only salads and raw vegetables you will become deprived and unhappy… and hungry. You will fail to stick with your plan and there is no telling what you will eat. There are lots of low-fat, delicious foods that we can consume that will keep us full and satisfied. You cannot fool your body into eating less for a prolonged period of time any more that you can fool you body into breathing less for a day or two.


So… when you plan your meals, plan them around potatoes or rice or beans and legumes or corn. There are many, many meals that fit this category (check www.askthefoodcoach.com for recipes) that you would thoroughly enjoy. Start with a big salad and then think about some of these ideas:

Baked potato and a steamed vegetable

Black beans and rice

Bean burrito

Potato soup and Wasa crackers

Ezekiel chips and salsa

Whole wheat pasta and spaghetti sauce

Pizzeria pizza

Stir fry (dry sautéed)

Vegetable patties

Mashed potatoes and Golden Sauce

Thick vegetable soup and “pizzeria” bread

Lentil Stew

Vegetable casserole


Each of these ideas has many possible variations and there are more suggestions but… you get the idea. When you make any kind of vegetable pattie or soup you can make extra and freeze some for a future meal. If there are just a few leftovers you can plan on using them for lunch the next day.


With just a little planning you can have delicious, satisfying meals ready within a short time. Let me know if you need more ideas. It’s not hard to do, but if you are NOT particularly hungry you will be more likely to…


Choose Well

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