90 Coconuts

Good Morning,

Do you remember how much fun it was when your mother brought a coconut home from the store? I remember watching my dad get a hammer and small chisel to poke holes where the three indentations were on the top of the coconut. Then he would drain out the “milk” and whack it with the hammer. Each of us got a piece of the yummy coconut to dig out and enjoy. It was work, but worth it! Yum!

But now, we are told that coconut oil is a health food that will cure a huge list of ailments… it is anti-microbial, anti-heart disease, anti-cancer, and anti-obesity. It can improve thyroid function, prevent osteoporosis, promote weight loss (they have to be kidding), control diabetes and more. This is pretty amazing for something that is full of artery-clogging saturated fat. Most of the evidence for these wonderful claims is based on testimonials… NOT well designed research studies. This sounds like advertising. Hmmm… have we been subjected to advertising before? (Hint: on the front of packaged foods).

Next time, when we take a closer look at coconuts and coconut oil we may be in a better position to make choices about using this unique food.

Choose Well

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