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Are you aware that aluminum is the third most abundant element behind oxygen and silicon? Maybe you are not, but it is in our water, foods, medications and air. Fortunately, a healthy body has barriers against aluminum and other non-nutrients for which it has no use. What is the problem with aluminum? Well… evidence is accumulating to indicate that aluminum may be a prime suspect in the initial cause of Alzheimer’s. Oh… well then, let’s read on…

All food contains some aluminum, but… in the foods aluminum is bound with other substances (that’s good) which prevent it from being absorbed by our body. The harmful form of aluminum (unbound and therefore easily absorbed – that’s bad) enters our foods as additives, such as a leavening agent, an emulsifier, an anti-caking agent or even a coloring. Some brands of baking powders contain aluminum and aluminum maltol is used in instant chocolate mixes. So… it appears that the processed foods with additives are a problem.


Here are a few examples of the amount of aluminum in foods. (This is per 100 grams of food.)

Cream 13.90mg

Processed cheese 29.70mg

Pancake mix 6.90mg

Corn bread 40.00mg

Baking powder 2300.00mg (Use Rumford – aluminum free)

Tea (bound) 128.00mg (poorly absorbed)


For comparison here are some aluminum poor foods:

Banana .04mg

Green beans .34mg


Choosing foods that are closer to the way God created them appears to be the best choice for our well-being. Things may seem confusing but actually with a little information, it is very easy to…


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