77 Aluminum and Alzheimer’s

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Now that we are aware of aluminum we see that it seems to be used for and is in… everything. Oh, my. However, now we know what to look for in the food we choose and that’s good news.


Even better news is that most of our daily intake of aluminum is eliminated by healthy kidneys. That’s one reason that we don’t want to overwork our kidneys and lose any kidney function. That also is why we want to control the amount of aluminum in which we come in contact. Aluminum is used in many ways and we ingest it from other sources as well as food. Oh! … So where else is this stuff?


  • There is a significant amount of aluminum leaked into beverages, like colas and fruit drinks, from aluminum cans. (However, most canned-food containers are steel).


  • Other ways aluminum gets into our food is through aluminum skillets, pots and pans, dinner trays, wraps and foils; these things, however, can be avoided.


For example, if you want to wrap your potatoes in aluminum before you bake them, wrap them in parchment paper first. Or if you need to cover a casserole dish when you bake, cover it with parchment paper before you put the aluminum foil on it. You don’t want aluminum touching your food. If you have aluminum pots and pans (or any other aluminum utensils) just throw them away. Simmering tomato sauce in an aluminum pot, as opposed to stainless steel for example, increases the aluminum 570 times. Wow!


Cookware is interesting. Glass and porcelain (good choices) are relatively nonreactive with foods. Metal cookware, however, does react with the acids in foods. Particles of the metal are released and ingested into our body. Copper, iron, and stainless steel are metals that are essential trace elements, and can make a valuable nutritional contribution when absorbed in limited amounts. Aluminum, unfortunealtly, has no recognized function in the body and is toxic to us.


  • Aluminum can also be found in OTC (over the counter) and prescription medicines.


  • Aluminum potassium sulfate is used in vaccines.


  • People who use spray antiperspirants (all of which contain aluminum chloride which stops sweating) are inhaling this airborne aluminum. (Plain deodorants do not contain this aluminum ingredient).


Aluminum appears to be everywhere but we can avoid much of this and therefore avoid the possibility of Alzheimer’s. (People with Alzheimer’s usually have a higher concentration of aluminum in their brain). When it comes to handling your well chosen foods, think about your kitchen equipment. Now that you are aware of some major sources of aluminum you will be able to decrease your exposure to it. This is good news… let’s continue to think well J and…


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