92 Heart Disease

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Going to a doctor is sometimes necessary. However, a lot of “health care” is based on diagnostic testing. I remember going to the doctor when I was a kid. He would tell me to stick my tongue out and say “ahh”, he would thump on my chest, he would look at my skin and look in my mouth. In other words, he looked at visible markers to make his diagnosis and suggestions… things like… stay in bed and drink water and broth. But now we have tests of all kinds and many people pass those tests because they take medications that suppress their symptoms and therefore are given a clean bill of health.


The problem is that this sometimes backfires. For example, 40% of the time the first sign of heart disease is instant death and half of those people were told within just a few months of their death that they were in good health. Hmmm… something is wrong here.


Tim Russert, who died of a sudden heart attack, was only 58, wealthy, well employed and had great health insurance. What else could you want, right? He had the money to pay for anything he wanted. He regularly visited doctors, regularly passed the “tests”, regularly took his drugs for high cholesterol, his drugs for his high blood pressure and his drugs for his pre-diabetic condition; he took an aspirin each day and was pronounced healthy by his doctor who saw him a few weeks before his death.


However, his biomarkers were good because they were medicated, but none of the medications addressed the health issues that they represented. In this case, Tim Russert had miles of arteries lined with atherosclerotic plaque (which are little infections or pimples along your arteries; you cannot “feel” them because you have no nerve endings in your arteries). The medications changed the biomarkers but did not change the plaques. Only a good whole food, plant based, no free oil diet can do that and YOU know how to change biomarkers for the better… soooo…


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