93 What’s For Dinner?

Good Morning,


What are you having for dinner?


If your first thought was “chicken” you haven’t gotten the Choose Well message yet… oh, dear. Remember, chicken is a condiment… not the main course.


If your first though was “potatoes” or “rice” you have passed the test with an A++. Yes! The main part of our meals should be plant based and more specifically we are looking for potatoes, rice, beans/legumes and corn. Those things are delicious, can be prepared simply or using a special recipe; they fill you up and give you some good nutrients for your cells to use.


If you are not convinced consider a study that was done at Michigan State University. They asked 16 slightly overweight students (men) to add 12 slices of white bread (70 calories) or high fiber bread (50 calories) to their regular meals for an 8 week period. Isn’t it interesting that they added a food that is 1000 calories per pound. The foods that we are using for our meals are about 500 calories per pound – big difference… but look at what happened even though this study was done with bread.


Without effort these students replaced fats, meats, dairy products and vegetable oils with the bread. Consequently they lost weight and significantly lowered their cholesterol levels. Amazing! So how about a challenge for you… add 4 cups of rice, 4 cups of boiled corn, 4 baked or mashed potatoes, 3 cups of beans OR 4 cups of spaghetti noodles (OR some combination)to your diet at different meals throughout the day. This adds up to 600 – 900 extra calories that will replace much higher calorie foods. You don’t even have to consciously change anything else. Do this for a length of time and see if you are not completely filled up after your meals, satisfied and find yourself dropping unwanted pounds.


Please realize that I am not suggesting that you eat rice or potatoes slathered with butter and cheese… this is plain food seasoned with no calorie seasonings such as Mrs. Dash or other herbs and spices. Even though the experiment was done with bread I would suggest that you use the other starches for your experiment.


I would love to know if you plan to take this challenge and then let me know what effect it has on you.


Choose Well

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