100 Mashed Potatoes and a Pat of Butter

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Many people say that carbohydrates make you fat. That is really not true. However, refined carbohydrates with added fats can certainly make you fat. Think about this… if you eat 1 cup of mashed potatoes you have had about 130 calories. But if you add one pat (1 tablespoon) of butter to those potatoes you have added 100 calories. Okay… so you just about double the calories with that little bit of butter. So, I have to ask you… is the butter worth it or is there another way to “season” the potatoes without it costing 100 calories? The choice is yours and you might want to consider some alternatives.


Eating well means being full, being satisfied and being nourished which means choosing low calorie, high nutrient, high fiber foods. This defines complex carbohydrates (starches: rice, beans, legumes, corn, potatoes and whole grain pastas). It is interesting that Chinese people, who eat a typical Chinese diet (rice at every meal), are thin and strong and yet they consume an average of 270 calories more than Americans. Amazing! How can that be? Even exercise doesn’t explain this because it is true of office workers as well as physically active people.


Wow! That’s a mystery that we will solve next time. In the meantime…


Choose Well

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