104 Doing What you Know

Good Morning,


Let’s face it… we have a pretty good idea of what we need to do to achieve our health goals. We’re pretty convinced about focusing on plant foods, getting rid of free oils, using whole foods and not processed, refined stuff, exercising, getting some sun and so on. We know all this intellectually but sometimes actually doing these things seems impossible given all the other stuff that crowds our lives. So what can we do to keep ourselves on track?


Here are some ideas:

  • ·Get the poor food choices out of your kitchen – Just get rid of foods that are not worth eating. There are plenty of great tasting foods to choose. You don’t need to choose between apples and ice cream, sooner or later the ice cream will win.
  • ·Plan ahead – You have to shop so make a list of good choices and stick with it. I always have cooked rice, frozen vegetables, rolled oats, plant milk, fruit and other quick, whole foods available for a fast meal.
  • ·Tell everyone you have changed your diet – Even though some people may lecture you about not getting enough protein or calcium, tell everyone about your changed diet. It will be easier to eat well around these people. It’s hard to tell someone you are eating a low-fat, plant-based diet then order a cheese pizza with a cherry pie dessert.
  • ·Don’t make excuses – It’s easy to justify bad behavior; I can do that too. However, at some point we need to just do what we know is right. This becomes a habit that ultimately makes life easier.
  • ·Schedule exercise time – We know exercise is important and without scheduling it in your day you will put it off until the day is done and the exercise won’t be.
  • ·Think about how well this works for you – Never discuss how things won’t work for you either with others or yourself. Don’t look for reasons to quit, look for ways to make it work.


Be determined.

You know that this plan works.

You know you want to improve your health.

Review what you know.

Practice those habits that have worked so far.

Don’t ever give up.


Choose Well

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