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It seems that many of us are very conscious of our weight. Most of us want to lose some; others want to lose a lot. In “choosing well” we talk a lot about eating carbohydrates for fuel and there are those who are nervous about that… you know… the old story about how carbs make you fat. Well… if you eat pie and cake (simple carbs)all the time, it will make you fat… so… don’t do that.


Here are some interesting bits of information about carbohydrates that will free you to eat the rice and the beans and the potatoes. Listen to this… if you ate a cup of rice or three ounces of lean ground beef you would have about 220 calories. That’s not earth shaking news but it turns out that your decision about whether to eat the rice or the ground beef will have a tremendously different effect on your weight! Ground beef tends to be fattening and rice does not. Wow! Now that’s a surprise. After all, it’s the same number of calories… I think we’ve got to explain this phenomenon.


First of all, our cells run on glucose (a simple sugar) and it takes some energy for the starches to be broken down. Most of the carbohydrates will be used for energy and burned off. However, in theory, unused carbohydrates from rice (and other starches) can be stored as fat… but… look at what happens:


100 calories of carbohydrate 23 calories are needed to convert carbs to fat our body stores 77 calories

100 calories of fat 3 calories are used to store the fat our body stores 97 calories


Now that’s a significant difference; our bodies store fat very easily. Fat is more likely to be stored, carbohydrates are more like to be burned.


So… what will it be for you… brown rice or ground beef? I am confident that you will…


Choose Well

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