109 Choose More Carbs

Good Morning,


It takes almost no calories to store fat… and carbohydrates are less likely to be stored. Now that’s interesting.


But, that’s not all… carbohydrates increase our metabolism and this effect causes more of the calories in all the foods that we eat to be burned. And when they are burned they cannot be turned into fat. Hooray!


Also, carbohydrates are the part of our diet that tells us when we have had enough to eat. Isn’t it good that there is something that tells us when to stop! (I remember when I had a problem with knowing when to stop).


So… it seems that the number of calories and the quantity that you eat is not as important as the types of foods you eat.


Here is the bottom line… burning off calories, increasing metabolism, knowing when to stop eating… those are powerful (and wonderful) qualities of starches that will help us control our weight and these complex carbohydrates are found only in plants. You cannot find them in steak, fried chicken, ice cream, cheese, eggs or any animal product. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot ever again eat meat; it just means you want to focus on vegetables, fruits, grains and beans.


Is that hard? I think not being able to breathe in your tight pants is hard. Watching the scale spin around when you get on it is hard. Not being able to feel your ribs is hard. Not being able to “fit” in an airline or movie theater seat is hard. Eating rice and beans and potatoes is very easy and very enjoyable. J Pass the black beans and rice, my slim friend, and let’s continue to…


Choose Well

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