70 Successful Weight Loss – The Final Answer

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When we gather all the information about weight loss we have the final answer.


(1) Calories still count.


  • ·In order to lose weight, you must create a calorie (energy) deficit. Reduce your caloric intake or increase your caloric output through increased exercise and activity. A combination is best.


(2) Fat still matters.


  • ·Why does fat matter? Fat is the most concentrated source of calories in our food. A gram of carbohydrate or protein yields 4 calories. A gram of fat yields 9 calories. Eat more fat, consume more calories. That’s pretty simple.


  • ·Reducing the amount fat will reduce your calorie intake as long as you choose healthy low fat, high fiber, unprocessed carbohydrate foods.


(3) Calorie density IS extremely important.


  • ·Watch out for refined, processed carbohydrates.


The secret is to focus your diet on low calorie density foods. These foods will allow you to eat more food, eat more often, feel more satisfied, avoid feeling hungry, AND take in fewer calories. I really like this plan… eat more, no hunger, lose weight. Yes! Yes! Yes!


The problem with most diets is that they are too restrictive, too limiting, too controlled, and often leave you hungry. I don’t like that plan and I can identify… how about you? Understanding this can help us reach our health and weight goals.


If you are looking for a healthy and permanent way to lose weight this IS the answer.


Look in the First Session Study Guide to review which foods are lowest in calorie density.


  • ·Vegetables – 100 calories/lb.


  • ·Fruits – 300 calories/lb


  • ·Unrefined, unprocessed complex carbohydrates – 500 calories/lb.


  • ·Refined processed carbohydrates – 1000-1500 calories/lb. This is very high density.



Focus the majority of your diet on low calorie density foods (vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole unprocessed grains) and you will be successful in your quest for long term weight loss and weight control. Imagine that, it all comes down to eating what was created just for us by our Creator and being very cautious with the foods developed by man through processing, refining and attempting to “improve” the foods God created. That’s food for thought… no pun intended.


All of us need to…


Choose Well

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