96 Who Should I Believe?

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There are a lot of popular programs and books about nutrition and weight loss. Have you noticed that many of them have clever angles and ideas that tell you about “the key” to good health or staying young? There are books that tell us to eat like a hunter/gatherer, even though neither you nor I have ever met a hunter/gatherer; or eat based on your blood type or body type or use special supplements or use a belt that makes you sweat… well, I could go on. And what is interesting is that some of this stuff works… short term. They don’t consider the long term consequences of following the book’s advice. The bottom line is… these books are based on stories, not research and science.


Making choices about your health is vital. When making choices it is important to consider short term results AND long term health consequences. It is more important to focus on restoring excellent health than it is to focus on short term weight loss, even though weighing a reasonable amount is very important. The information we can glean from the Bible is the best source of information on any subject. The Bible’s information is confirmed by the excellent research done by respected researchers and doctors. The research from Dr. Colin Campbell (his research study spanned over 30 years), Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (followed his cardiovascular patients for 12 years), Dr. John McDougall (has been changing people’s health outcomes for several decades), and others is the basis for the Choose Well Program.


What you choose to eat is a very personal matter and it is up to each of us to find the very best solutions to the health crisis facing Americans today. Understand what is in foods and understand what your body requires to run efficiently… then choose foods that support your fearfully and wonderfully made body. (Psalm 139:14).


Choose Well

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