I have been learning plenty since I got involved with Ask the Food Coach. I started about a year ago and I have, admittedly, messed up a couple of times. When I started I lost 11 pounds in the first month and my cholesterol count went down more than 70 points to a level that even my doctor liked. It was amazing because I wasn’t hungry and it was no problem to eat the right foods. I wasn’t asked to eat anything weird or tasteless (actually the food is great). But… the summer was a disaster. I started eating at fast food restaurants again and up went my weight and cholesterol. So, with some motivation from my Food Coach I went at it again… never give up was the message. Now I am on my way once more never to return to making bad choices. My weight is down by 8 pounds already. The best part is I feel great, am never hungry and I totally enjoy my food. I have learned my lesson and will continue to “Choose Well” and I would like to encourage you to do that too.

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