114 Insulin Resistance

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Insulin resistance is something we hear about that is related to diabetes but… what is it? Insulin is a hormone which is produced by the pancreas. One of its jobs is to push fat into the fat cells so that when the famine comes we will be able to survive. Hmmm… so the excess fat in fat cells is for survival purposes.

Okay… now we know what the problem is… the famine never comes. I don’t mean that we want or need a famine but really… we have plenty of food around us all the time and the insulin simply keeps doing its job (pushing fat into fat cells) as we eat excess calories. Oops! We are the ones choosing to eat excess calories.

Because the famine never comes our body reacts by making some changes that cause the insulin to be less effective at pushing fat into cells Oh, my! That sounds very strange but our body does that in order to slow down the weight gain. Wow! Considering the number of overweight, obese people in our country it is a good thing our body slows down this process or we’d be as big as cows. What happens is that the cells become resistant to insulin (the “fat-gaining hormone”) and this is called “insulin resistance”. Whew! Do you understand that chain of events?

Whether you understand that or not the question is: Is there anything we can do to stop these events from happening? Do we just eat less and starve? Actually, you probably have a good idea about this but we’ll take a look at the possibilities next time. Until then…

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