120 Fat Calories

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You already know that there are different kinds of fats (saturated and unsaturated). They have different effects on our body but when it comes to weight control we need to be aware of all forms of fat. Fats and oils have 9 calories in every gram. For most Americans (not you and me) about 35% of calories come from fat!! Wow! A 2,000 calorie diet would include 700 calories from fat. That’s close to 6 tablespoons of oil a day.


Think about that… six tablespoons is not much food (not for me anyway). If we got rid of that fat we could eat a lot more food. Now that’s what I want to hear. Our goal is to consume 10-15% of calories from fat which would help us lose weight.


Animal fat is a calorie-storage area for the day when there is no food. So when you eat their fat you are eating the animal’s stored calories and when you eat dairy you are getting an even larger concentration of the stored calories. Oh that doesn’t sound good. Here’s a chart of the fat calories in various foods. (Remember that these are percentages of calories not percentages by weight and that is a big difference.)


% of calories from fat

Potatoes less than 1%
Peas 3%
Black beans 4%
Macaroni noodles 4%
Rice less than 5%
Cauliflower 6%
Spinach 7%
Broccoli 8%
Wheat bread 15%
Whole milk 49%
2% milk 35%
Extra lean ground beef 54%
Ground beef 60%



Can you see that you have a great deal of control over the amount of fat that you eat? If you want to choose to eat some meat you can mix it with vegetables or beans or potatoes and reduce the amount of fat that you consume by a tremendous amount. Think about all the extra food you can eat. Yes, yes, yes! Isn’t it exciting knowing what to choose? I think it is, I know many others who think it is and I hope you think so too. Making good choices is fun.


Choose Well

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