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Our body makes Vitamin D from sunshine that reaches our skin. However, many people think that sunshine causes skin cancer so they stay out of the sun. Doesn’t it seem odd that we would be designed to need the sun for our bodies to manufacture Vitamin D and at the same time run the risk of getting skin cancer?


It turns out that the trans fatty acids that we consume in snacks and fast foods accumulate under our skin and when the sun’s rays hit them they can turn into carcinogens. Wow! That’s very interesting… we know that the NAS (National Academy of Science) has said that there is no safe limit for trans fatty acids in our diet and now we know why. Remember that anything that says “hydrogenated” or “fully hydrogenated” is sure to have trans fats. That’s why we just put those foods back on the shelf when we find them.


Dr. John Wolf (Baylor College of Medicine in Houston) reported that one way of lowering your risk of skin cancer is to eat a low-fat diet. (Our “low-fat” diet turns out to be a GREAT idea!) His department studied the effect of a low-fat diet on the occurrence of skin cancers. They randomly divided 76 patients into two groups. One ate a 40% fat diet (typical for American diets) and the other ate a 20% diet which is the top limit for “fat from calories” when we look at a nutrition label. (You can look that up on Session One – Lesson Four).


During the two year study the group eating the 20% fat diet had three occurrences of skin growths caused by sunlight while the 40% group had ten occurrences. That is a significant difference! My guess is that aiming for 10-15% fat would improve those chances and if the fat is coming from whole foods (and not free oils) the outcome would be even better. So… be sure to…


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