112 The Food Bank?

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It is really amazing that there is still a myth floating around that healthy food is too expensive for the average American. That is so funny. There is a food bank in Sacramento that teaches people how to practice good eating habits and guess what… they manage to eat pretty well using food stamps, WIC and the food bank supplies. Okay, what’s going on here; “healthy food is expensive” is obviously… a MYTH!

Finally even the USDA experts agree. It seems that healthier foods seemed to be more expensive because of the way the costs were calculated. Get ready for a shock… the prices were calculated on the basis of cost per calorie. Cost per calorie?? Oh, brother. Obviously the 380 calories in a Krispy Kreme donut costing about 80 cents are a lot less expensive than the 52 calories in a cup of sliced carrots costing about $1.00. Who thought of this method of calculating costs? (I estimated those prices but the point is made even if the prices are not exact).

The new way of calculating the cost includes the price per edible weight (what can actually be eaten) and the price per average amount eaten (we don’t need to eat as many vegetables to fill us up as junk food items). How interesting it is that even these considerations make health promoting foods less expensive. When we consider trips to the doctor… medicine… time lost from work or school (and feeling yucky all the time) we can realize a tremendous amount of savings by choosing well at mealtimes. Remember that even if you temporarily need to get your food from the food bank you can still…


Choose Well

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