121 Eat More Chicken and Fish?

Should we switch to chicken and fish to cut down on fat calories? Regardless of which meat you are thinking about they are all muscles of the animal and muscles are made up of protein and fat with no fiber and almost no carbohydrate.


With that in mind let’s take a look at fat content by calorie (not by weight) then you can decide which is the best choice.


Meats:                        % of calories from fat

Chuck roast                           51%

Rib eye steak                         63%

Hotdogs                                 82%

Sirloin                                     38%

Top round                               29%



Chicken frank                        68%

Roasted chicken                    51%

White meat, no skin              23%



Chinook salmon                      52%

Swordfish                              40%

Halibut                                   19%

Sole                                         9%

Haddock                                8%


Most beans, grains

   and vegetables                   less than 10%


Remember that animal products contain no fiber, no antioxidants and vegetables contain lots of fiber, antioxidants and no cholesterol. With this information can you make good choices for your next meals? If you need some recipes check www.askthefoodcoach.com for ideas.


Maybe all the animals should get together and buy some billboard time that says “Eat more vegetables”. Now that would be good advice!!


Should you NEVER eat meat? No, we are NOT saying you should never eat meat. Meat can have a limited place in your diet but it’s your choice… and whatever you choose to eat be sure to understand what it means to…


Choose Well

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