122 Fat Quiz

We talk a lot about the amount of fat in our diet but we are not trying to memorize the amount of fat in every food. Oh, no. We just need a general idea and we will be able to make great choices. Take this little quiz and you will see how clever you are at making good choices.


I know you will do well. Actually, I believe you will get every answer correct! The answers are below but don’t peek.


Which is lower in fat?


  1. fried chicken or broiled top round beef?
  2. leanest beef or rice?
  3. spaghetti with meat sauce or spaghetti with tomato sauce?
  4. cheddar cheese or bread?
  5. ice cream or jelly beans?
  6. doughnut or bagel?
  7. baked potato or French fries?









  1. broiled top round beef (38%); fried chicken (50%) [they are both loaded with fat]
  2. rice (0.8%); leanest beef (29%)
  3. spaghetti with tomato sauce (6%); with meat sauce (35%)
  4. bread (16%); cheddar cheese (74%)
  5. jelly beans (0.8%); ice cream ((48%)
  6. bagel (8%); doughnut (50%)
  7. baked potato (1%); French fries (47%)                

Did you get them all correct? Congratulations! You know all the answers… so now… it’s only a matter of choosing to eat according to what you know.


BTW, I am NOT advocating that you include jelly beans in your diet… they are loaded with a huge amount of sugar… and that’s not so good. J


Use your knowledge and…


Choose Well

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