123 Ice Cream vs Exercise

Believe it or not there are those who think that they can get on a tread mill for a few minutes, break a sweat and use enough calories to eat a pint of ice cream. That isn’t you, is it? Just in case it is, let’s look at a few numbers.


I checked the calories for Haagen-Dazs ice cream and in general they are 270 calories per ½ cup. That is NOT a mistake… 270 calories per half cup and about 57% fat. So if you buy a pint of Haagen-Dazs thinking that there is one serving in that container… you are wrong. That pint contains 1,080 calories. Whoa! Were you aware of that?


To be fair Haagen-Dazs is a rich, rich ice cream, so I looked at generic ice cream and a ½ cup serving is about 143 calories and about 45% fat… big difference. A pint is still 572 calories and that sounds like a lot to me.


So… how much exercise do you need to do to “work off” those calories?  Here are some things you can do for 15 minutes that will burn some calories:


15 Minute Activity

Calories burned

Water skiing


Hi-impact aerobics


Running 10mph


Cycling 15 mph


Jumping rope


Walking 4 mph



There you have it. The next time you are on a tread mill notice how many calories you burn per 15 minutes. It’s not many. If you don’t “work off” those calories the 45 – 57% fat will be easily stuffed into your fat cells. If those calories are worth it to you be sure to savor the few minutes that you have that ice cream on your tongue. J And as always…


Choose Well

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