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Fiber is a carbohydrate but has no calories because it cannot be broken down by our body and simply passes through. Hmmm… you would think that is not good but it actually is great! As it passes through it takes out some undesirable stuff.


Soluble fiber is in raw fruit, vegetables, legumes, oat cereals, bran and barley. This fiber dissolves in water and lowers cholesterol by mopping up the excess cholesterol in the bloodstream. Insoluble fiber is in whole grains like wheat germ, wild rice, wheat bran, buckwheat, cornmeal, millet, rice bran and whole wheat and doesn’t dissolve in water. It scrubs the intestinal walls and helps to regulate bowel movements. These are good things and we are looking for both of these types of fiber.


How much fiber is enough? Well… the recommendation (RDA) is 25 grams but most Americans consume about 17 grams. Nutritionists recommend 35 grams but if you look around the world, countries where cancer and heart disease is low, fiber consumption is over 45 grams per day! Wow! We have some fiber to eat.


Along with lowering cholesterol, the risk of many types of cancer and heart disease, fiber can also help with weight loss, reduce the risk of diabetes by slowing carbohydrate absorption, reduce fat absorption and keep the colon working. Since it is such a great thing to have lots of fiber in our diet we need to know where it comes from. Here’s a short list:


Beans, legumes:


  • ·                     Lentils ½ cup


  • ·                     Chickpeas ½ cup


  • ·                     Green beans ½ cup




  • ·                     Brown rice ½ cup


  • ·                     White rice ½ cup


  • ·                     Spaghetti ½ cup




  • ·                     Broccoli ½ cup


  • ·                     Spinach ½ cup


  • ·                     Tomato sauce ½ cup


  • ·                     Carrot 1 medium




  • ·                     Apple 1 medium


  • ·                     Orange 1 medium


Animal Foods:


Animal foods contain NO fiber



Notice that these are ½ cup servings… and ½ cup is not much food. If you want to find out how much fiber you eat in a day, write down what you eat (quantities too) and go to this website (http://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/ ) to find out how much fiber is in the foods when you don’t have a nutrition label for reference. See how close you can get to 45 grams per day.


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