126 Adding Fiber

Now that you are doing your best to eat more fiber we might consider some good and easy ways to prepare these fiber rich foods. Since beans are the foods with the most fiber that might be the way to start.  If you spread hummus on a whole grain tortilla and add a combination of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, rice, beans of any kind, corn, cucumber, shredded carrots or whatever you had on hand you would end up with a lunch or dinner that is full of fiber and really filling. That would be like eating your salad and main course all at once.


Speaking of salads… have you ever tried to add beans to your salad? They are always offered on salad bars and you can put them on your salad at home to give it a creamier feeling. Beans can also be added to soups (even if you bought soup at the store) and also to rice and vegetable dishes. Some of your favorite recipes can probably be improved (or changed to keep things interesting) with a few beans.


You can become creative and have fun with your wraps, salads and soups. This might be the time to try a bean “burger” recipe. Go to www.askthefoodcoach.com and look for burgers made with beans or oatmeal. They taste great and could even be served on a whole wheat bun with a tomato and some ketchup or mustard (maybe both).


You can cook your own beans or buy them in cans at the store. Just be aware that most beans have a lot of salt added… so check the labels and get the ones that are low in salt. They are available and very inexpensive. Beans are a good deal no matter how you look at them. If you add a lot of fiber to your diet you may have to use some Beano at first… but it’s worth it. J


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