130 Lunchtime

It might be easy for you to eat a good breakfast and dinner because you are at home and can eat the excellent food items from your pantry. But what can you do for lunch when you are at work or driving? Here are a couple of ideas:


  • Instant soups are available to which you add hot water and then re-hydrate. McDougall soups (available at Publix and other stores) are excellent. You can also bring a thermos of soup from home.


  • Little “finger” vegetables like cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, broccoli or cauliflower pieces with non-fat dressing, hummus or other non-fat dips work well.


  • Fresh fruit is great and easy to enjoy anytime.


  • You can make a sandwich on whole grain bread with cucumbers, lettuce and tomato (or other vegetables) and add onion and mustard, if you like. You can also add sprouts. Just avoid lunch meats, cheese, mayonnaise and peanut butter.


  • Chickpeas sound like a strange lunch but you might try this. Just open a can and rinse them off and put a little non-fat salad dressing on them.


  • You can pack a lunch that includes a salad and dressing. Pack ricecakes or Wasa crackers with a little hummus in a side container (the cracker gets soggy if you put the hummus on in the morning).


  • The best idea is to take leftovers from last night’s dinner. If you have a way to warm it, that’s great but I find that many of my dinners are good at room temperature.


I hope these ideas are helpful because we certainly want to always…


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