133 Twizzlers

Did you ever eat Twizzlers… that long twisted candy that looks like red licorice? I remember eating that stuff as a kid. Oh… maybe I should ask if you have eaten any Twizzlers lately. J


It turns out that some clever people who were following a weight loss program figured that Twizzlers Strawberry Twists were “okay” to munch on because they contained no animal products and were low in fat. After all, that is what the company advertises about their product. Hmmm… a quick look at the ingredientlist, however, tells us that the candy is corn syrup, flour, sugar, cornstarch, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, salt and artificial flavor. So it seems that the best description of it is a “sugary, chemical concoction” that doesn’t contain anything that our body even remotely wants or needs.


Hopefully you know that this and other “no fat – no dairy” candies are useless. Sugar isn’t as high in calories as fat but this kind of “food” still provides more calories than we need (and nothing else). We have some good reasons for using a little bit of sweetness in our diet… but this isn’t a good source for sweetness.


Let me know when you last had a Twizzler or a piece of “low fat – no use – may be harmful” candy. If it was recently, I hope you really enjoyed it.


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