136 Losing Weight

Losing weight is something each person does at his own pace. If you are eating a low fat, plant based, whole food diet you should lose about one pound each week, without hunger. Adding exercise will increase the rate, obviously, depending on the intensity of the exercise. This is great but you and I know that when we attempt to lose weight we get excited about the results we see on the scale and we like the way our clothes fit but then… we begin to notice that the scale doesn’t change anymore. That would be okay… if we have already arrived at our goal.


If you have been losing weight but have come to a grinding halt there are some things to check. Take a look at your diet and see if there are any hidden sources of fat or if you (like me) sometimes use too much of some foods that contain fat like avocados, nuts or seeds. Yes, I sometimes overdo the Faux Parmesan (almond meal). When I drop the amount of fat in my foods I also drop some weight. And, by the way, if you have taken a long time to increase your weight you will want to take your time in decreasing it as well.


The other thing to check is the amount of fiber in your diet. It kind of works the same way as fat except we want to increase the fiber. Our goal is 40 grams of fiber (or more) a day. Wow! That’s a lot of vegetables and fruits and beans. So… possibly you really aren’t getting enough. Some good advice would be to work up to that goal gradually. You may not have any idea how much fiber you eat each day… so, next time I will give you some easy guidelines.


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