138 Superior Protein?

Did you ever hear that there were two different qualities of protein? I was taught (long ago) that animal protein is superior and plant protein is inferior. I actually remember learning that in school. Well, it turns out that the difference is not in quality but quantity.


You know that protein is made up of 20 amino acids connected in chains. It’s like connecting letters of the alphabet to create words and sentences. The length and sequence of the amino acids distinguish one protein from another… just like words… pretty neat.  Whether the protein is in a giraffe or a ladybug or a petunia it is made up of the same amino acids in difference sequences.


Of the 20 amino acids 8 cannot be produced in our bodies and we must include them in our diet. Plants are not missing any of the amino acids including the essential ones… those essential amino acids that our body cannot produce are in the plants. Plant foods not only provide excellent protein but cholesterol free fats and high fiber both of which we really need. Wow! An extra bonus! I like that.


Hmmm… I may toss out the stuff I learned in school about inferior protein. Plant protein is beginning to look really good. I think our dinner tonight will include lots of grains and vegetables. What will you choose for dinner? Choose wisely and you will…


Choose Well

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