139 Strong Men

We always hear that strong men need lots of protein, Protein, PROTEIN!!! Therefore, they need to eat meat… and lots of it.


What is amazing is that some of the strongest people in history have lived on diets of grains, vegetables and fruits. The armies of Alexander the Great (4th century) and Genghis Khan (12th century), both of which conquered the known world in their time, lived on diets of grains. Caesar’s armies complained if they were given too much meat. They actually preferred to fight on a diet of grains.


Then there are the gladiators; they were some of the toughest men ever. The remains of gladiators have been excavated in Ephesus (in Turkey). Scientists have analyzed their bones for various minerals and discovered that they essentially ate a diet of grains, vegetables and fruits. The gladiators were known as “barley-men” for an obvious reason… barley was their main food and it gave them amazingly strong bodies. Wow! Now that’s impressive and very intriguing.


When Joseph was second in command in Egypt, he prepared for a famine by storing grain (Genesis 41). Daniel asked for pulse (peas, beans), vegetables and water to drink (Daniel 1). Ezekiel made bread of several grains that sustained him for 390 days (Ezekiel 4).


Also… worldwide those populations that live on foods like rice, beans and potatoes are healthy, slim, strong and vibrant. Consider these groups of people now and in history:


            Indians in North America – corn (maize)

Indians in South America – potatoes

South America, Caribbean – sweet potatoes

Africa – millet

Middle East – barley, oats

Near East – wheat

Asia – rice, rye


These foods have been the primary food source for most people throughout history.* Do you find this as intriguing as I do?  Hmmm… I’m getting a pretty strong clue about what to choose to eat. Basing our meals on these foods plus vegetables and fruits seems like an excellent idea. What do you think?


Choose Well

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