140 Eating Out Ideas (1)

As we both know, the best place to eat is at home but… we don’t always want to do that. Sometimes it is enjoyable to have dinner “out” but it is also difficult. Most restaurants feed you stuff that is high in calories, high in fat, mostly animal food and therefore you don’t have much that’s safe to eat. Plus… we can’t even assume that a vegetarian restaurant is going to feed us well. They use a lot of oils, dairy products, eggs, cheese and even a vegan dish can still be high in oils. This is not a good scenario and a lousy dilemma. So how can we go out to eat without eating too much bad stuff?


In many restaurants you can look at the side orders and usually find steamed vegetables, baked potatoes, rice (watch out for oil) and some other possibilities. Many places, even steak houses, have good salads. You can go to the food bar type restaurants like Ruby Tuesday’s, Sizzler, Jason’s Deli and make a salad of all the whole vegetables (not macaroni salad and potato salad… sorry). Those restaurants offer whole beans, peas and corn for your salad as well. If you are thinking ahead you can bring your own dressing. (Just get a small container that will not leak.)


There are other ideas as well. We’ll look at those next time.


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