141 Eating Out Ideas (2)

When you go out to eat think about ethnic restaurants (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Indian). These people usually use less animal food in general unless they really cater to the American palate. In a Chinese or Japanese restaurant you can order lots of rice (2 or 3 orders) and don’t worry if they don’t have brown rice; that would be better but white rice is not the worst thing in a restaurant. Then tell the waiter that you want all your food cooked without oil (and no MSG). In Chinese restaurants we always first ask if they use MSG and just leave if they do. Be aware that they may buy some foods (like soup) already prepared and therefore they do not use MSG but it is already in the foods they buy.


In Mexican restaurants they cook beans from scratch. You can ask for some whole beans (before they add fat and call them refried beans). Tell them you don’t want any cheese on your food. Remember that you can be very specific in a restaurant where they cook meals to order. So… you can order whole beans, tortillas (not chips) and salsa. That would be good.


If you are not sure about a dish be sure to ask how it is prepared. The waiters are always ready to give you information from the kitchen. We have to be creative but if you at least make the effort to order well you really can have some good meals while dining out. I hope this encourages you to…


Choose Well

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