144 Planning Meals

When you are planning your meals for the day how do you begin thinking about what you will eat? Do you think about some of your “well chosen” favorite meals?  You might also consider what kind of foods are in your refrigerator that you need to use up or the possibilities that are in your freezer.


Hopefully you are not thinking about the “quick” stops you used to make at restaurant “take outs”.  No… that is not happening anymore because you are choosing your foods for some good reasons and not just because it’s time for a meal and you are hungry. Actually, you are probably not getting so hungry anymore because of all the complex carbohydrates you are eating. It’s amazing how long you can stay satisfied on a bowl of oatmeal or a bowl of rice.


And that’s what we are looking for: rice, beans/legumes, corn, whole grain pasta and potatoes for the main course. We also need some vegetables in there: raw, steamed or cooked within a recipe. That’s pretty much all we need to look for and if we focus on what we SHOULD eat we will fill up on those health promoting foods leaving no room for the high fat, high calorie foods. In other words, if you do the “dos” you will have less chance of reverting to old habits.  When you fill yourself with those foods that are low in calories and high in nutrition and fiber you will be less likely to overdo those foods that are undesirable.


What is important is the totality of your diet not just one meal or one single food that is included or excluded from your meals. Think about all the good foods that have been provided for us that we get to eat daily. The ones that give us the most energy and keep us slim are as tasty and healthful as they can be. It’s as though our foods were designed with us in mind. Hmmm… perhaps they were.


Choose Well

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