146 What is in Milk?

We very often hear that we need to drink milk and eat other dairy products for calcium in order to maintain strong bones and avoid osteoporosis and hip fractures.  That’s amazing! There is actually a lot of evidence that shows that dairy products may do more harm than good. We might be able to figure this out if we look at what is in milk.


One component of milk is dairy fat; dairy products are very rich in saturated fat. For example, 70 – 80% of the calories in cheese are from fat and most of that is saturated fat… that’s why it stays as a chunk when you sit it on the table. Milk is the number one source of fat in the diet of children from the age of 3 to 19. Hmmm… we are encouraging children to drink this stuff and wondering why they are getting fatter.


Another component is a milk sugar called lactose. Consider this… the lactose in milk is easily digested by babies and small animals but after they are weaned there is no reason for them to be able to digest lactose so… that ability is lost in one out of every four persons. Not being able to tolerate lactose is not a life threatening condition but it is uncomfortable. It cause gas and bloating, constipation and in some people diarrhea. So… we give it to children every day and one in four will have problems with it. Oh my… is that smart?


Milk also contains protein, specifically the protein casein. These proteins have been shown to be responsible for allergic reactions. One recommendation for anyone with allergies of any kind is to try not consuming dairy products for at least 30 days and see what effect that has on allergic reactions. Interesting.


Milk from cows or milk from goats or any other mammal is just too rich for an adult body. We just don’t need it. Besides there are so many good plant milks at the grocery stores these days. It would be a good idea to try a few of these and find one or two that you enjoy. A plant milk of any kind would be a much better choice than any animal’s milk. Try something new on your cereal tomorrow morning and rid yourself of too much saturated fat, milk sugar and animal protein. Now there’s a real triple play.


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