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Did you know that there is a strong link between dairy products and several types of cancer… including prostate and breast cancers and some types of colon cancer? My goodness… I want to know what this is and why it occurs. If we did we might be able to prevent those problems. So… what is IGF-1?


It turns out there is a protein called insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) that is increased when a person consumes milk (and other dairy products). This is a protein that encourages growth.  Babies and children need to grow but adults don’t want to grow faster (or get older faster).  We want to slow that process down; I know I do. There is IGF-1 in milk but researchers don’t believe that is the problem. It seems that the IGF-1 stimulates the body to produce more of this protein. That’s interesting… and really, that makes sense because the purpose of milk is to help small animals grow and turn into large animals. However, we don’t want to grow bigger or grow older faster.


We are told that low fat milk, low fat yogurt, low fat ice cream and low fat dairy in general is a good choice. Well… you have taken away some of the fat but you haven’t taken away the problem of milk protein or the problem of milk sugar or the problem of IGF-1. It might be a little bit better but overall it is not promoting good health and is not really a good choice. 


I am not interested in eating something that promotes the growth of cancer cells or aging, are you? IGF-1 is related to protein intake and because of that levels are significantly lower in people who consume a low protein diet. If we choose milk made from rice or oats, “cheese” sauce made from nutritional yeast, yogurt made from soy, burgers made from beans… we have definitely made better choices. And our goal is to make better and better choices every day.


Choose Well

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