150 What Do Gorillas Eat?

I have a 5-question quiz for you today. I’ll ask the questions and post the answers below my signature. Send an email telling me how many you answered correctly. J  (Hint: all the answers include the color green.)


  1. What is the predominant food in a gorilla’s diet?
  2. What do the largest, strongest animals eat?
  3. Where do lions get their protein?
  4. What food is associated with longevity more than any other?
  5. What has more protein… broccoli or steak?


I hope you thought this though and got an “A”. Check your answers below.


By the way, what do you think would be a good vegetable to eat with your rice tonight?





  1. green vegetables – bananas are NOT their main food


  1. green vegetables – this is what makes them strong


  1. green grass (vegetable) – the strong, powerful lion is actually made up of green grass*


  1. green vegetables – particulary salad


  1. broccoli (which is green)- 100 calories of broccoli has 11.2 grams of protein; 100 calories of sirloin is 5.4 grams of protein


* You might question this one because lions eat meat almost exclusively. However, the animals they eat (wildebeest, antelope, buffalo, hippos, rhinos, zebra) are herbivores or plant eaters. It is interesting that lions must stalk their prey because the herbivores can often run faster than they can. Their strength ultimately comes from the plants eaten by the animals they consume.

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