151 Fulin’s Asian Restaurant

The other day Ed and I went to a restaurant that we had never been to before and had a wonderful meal. It was called “Fulin’s”. You may have already been there but this was a first for us. The first question we ask in Asian restaurants is if they use MSG. These folks said they did not and added that all their food was prepared fresh. So… we thought we would give it a try.


We knew they would have plenty of rice and to our surprise they had brown rice. Knowing that Asian food always comes with sauces and is frequently cooked in oil, we ordered a vegetable dinner without the sauce and requested that the cook not use any oil in preparing the food. We said “just steam the vegetables”.


The vegetables came without oil and still had some crunch to them… they were wonderful. The dinner came with a bowl of rice and we order one extra bowl which gave us the perfect amount. We used a little light soy sauce on the food and thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be back I am sure. It really is possible to get a good meal in a restaurant… you just have to ask lots of questions and be specific about what you want. The other plus to this meal, which include some tea, was that it was around $21… and that’s pretty good. I hope you have the opportunity to visit them sometime.


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