152 Cancer Initiation

We have about 100 trillion cells in our body… that’s a huge number of cells and they are constantly dying and new cells are constantly created. Obviously, our bodies are really busy doing this building and everything is done in a controlled way; healthy cells divide only when a cell adjacent to it dies. Just think of that… a cell knows whether the cell next to it has died or not… amazing! However, a cancer cell has no control; it divides and increases in size and it pushes the cells around it causing a tumor that continues to grow out of control. Well… this is not something we want going on in our body.


How does this happen? Initially some kind of injury to the cell causes it to become uncontrolled in its growth. It turns out that the first injury causes the cell to divide into two cells. These cells will divide again in about 100 days. So every 100 days or so these out-of-control, cancerous cells divide and double in number and in a year there are about 12 cells in the cancer; how could a pathologist ever find that (he couldn’t). The doubling continues until the cancerous lump contains about one million cells (this would take about 6 years) and is about the size of a period on a page… that’s really small. The typical methods of finding cancerous growths could not even find a tumor this size. So… you can have a cancerous tumor growing for 6 years and not know about it? Yes, this is a slow, slow process.


Knowing how this happens can give us the information necessary to prevent this disease. Prevent cancer? Is that possible? Yes, it is. There is a relationship between diet and cancer and we have control over what we eat. This makes us responsible to a degree and although this is important to know, it is not my intention to offend anyone. I know what you’re thinking… all of us have relatives and friends who have died of cancer. I do too. My objective is to let you know that you don’t need to feel helpless or victimized by this disease. We’ll take a look at cancer and discover how to defeat it.


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