155 Genes

If you have inherited bad genes from your parents does that mean you are doomed to bad health?


Does that sound like an odd question to you? It may not… after all many people say “Cancer runs in my family, my Aunt Suzie had cancer, my brother had cancer, my cousin Bob had cancer” and on and on. When you go to the doctor they ask about your family. Why do they do that? To find out about your Aunt Suzie and her disease, that’s why.


Okay, so we can’t control our genes… that’s true. But if you ask two families to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and one family develops lung cancer and the other develops emphysema you might think that lung cancer and emphysema are genetic and inevitable in these families. What? I don’t think so… in the first place they should not be smoking. There may be a weak or damaged gene that causes a problem in these particular families but if they don’t smoke they would never find that out. And, frankly, who wants to know.


Maybe you or I have a weak gene… so what? If we eat typical American diet filled with fat, meat and dairy we can test our genes and find out which ones are weak. Do you really want to do that? I don’t.


If you find some great meals that focus on rice, corn, potatoes, beans and whole grain pastas plus fruits and vegetables you can let the rest of your family worry about their family history because your family history won’t matter to you. Wow! That’s pretty good news.


Choose Well

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