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We have some clues about the causes of autoimmune disease but what about the recommendations for all these different diseases? What might they be?


Because the causes of autoimmune diseases are similar the recommendations are similar as well. But what is recommended? Well… if there is a correlation between a diet made up of high fat, high cholesterol foods and autoimmune disease, then we might want to focus on a diet of plant foods for all of our necessary nutrients. That alone could reduce the high fat and high cholesterol in out diet and therefore the incidence of these various conditions that are lumped together and called autoimmune disease. And… if the digestive system (and health in general) is improved it would make sense that the progression of the disease (in people who already have had symptoms) could be halted… or at least slowed down.


In addition to a plant based diet there are some other recommendations for people who have autoimmune disease. Refined foods and high gluten foods should be eliminated; processed foods should be reduced; free oils should be eliminated; dairy should be eliminated. You know what… this all sounds really familiar. Where have we heard this kind of information before?  (You don’t need any hints, do you?)


The best idea seems to be to heal the GI tract so that food can be properly absorbed and to eat an excellent diet so that all nutrients needed for good health can be absorbed. Please take that into consideration when it is time for your next meal. When you do I am sure that you will…


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